Nalaga’at Center

The “Nalaga’at Center” center was founded by the “Please Touch” association and opened its doors to the public in December 2007 at the bustling city port of Jaffa / Tel Aviv below the old city.

In the center operates a "please touch" theater, combined by three theater groups - two groups of actors who are deaf - blind showing the plays: "Not by Bread Alone" and "Luna Park ". The third group is combined by deaf and visually impaired actors who are showing the charming, "Prince Rooster" children's play.

In addition the coffee shop "Cafe Kapish" is activated at the center with their deaf waiters and the darkness restaurant called "Black Out" with a team of blind waiters.
As a unique cultural center, first of its kind in the world, we aim to create a human encounter between the hearing and seeing people to the deaf – blind people, deaf and blind people from different backgrounds and cultures. A unique and surprising experience in the complex is guaranteed to the hotel guests arriving!

Nalaga’at Center

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