Zafon Pharmacy

Zafon Pharmacy is a well known pharmacy in Israel managed by an English, Russian and French speaking personnel with years of experience.

The expertise of Zafon Pharmacy is in combining the right treatment for its customers – conventional and natural medicine.

The pharmacy offers its clients a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services:
OTC Drugs, Oncological Drugs, Natural Homeopathic Medicine, Cosmetics and Dead-sea products, Importing Rare Drugs upon request, Vitamins from leading companies and more.

* Delivery Service to your hotel room.
* Express delivery on the same day, upon request.
* Full VAT Tax refund.

Zafon Pharmacy

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address logo Ben yehuda St.200, Tel-aviv
telephone logo 03-5464040
openning hours Sun.-Thu.: 08:45am-19:30pm
Friday: 08:45am-14:00pm